Fox is available in Natural and Dyed Colors and is versatile in its use of trimming garments with cuffs and collars to designing home goods. Wild foxes can range from soft and dense to spikey and silky to the touch. Always dramatic in its look and texture, ranch foxes can be dyed any color and offer a great range for customization. Types of foxes include blue fox, shadow fox, red fox and silver fox.

Fur Care Info

Use broad-shouldered hangers when hanging your fur garments in the closet, and allow space to prevent it from being crushed or creased.

Never store the fur in a plastic bag.  Plastic prevents air from circulating and can dry out the leather.  If you want to cover the fur between wearing, use a cloth protector.  However, this is not suitable for summer storage.

Never leave your fur near heat as it will cause the both the fur and the leather to become brittle

Avoid any chemicals, strong perfumes, hairspray and make-up near your fur.

Your fur can handle light rain and snow. If your fur does get wet, shake it out and hang it to dry in a well-ventilated room. If your fur seems to have soaked through—please contact us, or your local furrier for further instructions on proper treatment.

In the off-season send your fur in for cleaning and storage by a professional furrier only. Suede and leather can be hard to clean. We suggest you have them cleaned professionally.

Fur Service


Store your fur with a professional furrier in the spring each year.  Have the furrier condition, clean and glaze it while it is in storage each year.

We offer on-site cold storage and cleaning services for your fur garments and leather/shearling coats.


Our in -house staff has been making and remodeling fur garments for over 30 years and can take care of almost any problem, large or small. Contact us with your specific questions about restyling your fur.  We offer a free consultation service for suggestions on how to remodel your coat.


We are happy to work with you on customizing a fur specifically for
you.  Contact us via email the discuss the specifics of each individual
custom order.