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Fur tells the story of a perfect meld between tradition and fashion...and that's how we define ourselves at GK Furs.


With roots in the garment district of NYC, GK Furs brings forth two generations of skill and design to the fur and fashion world. Located, designed and produced in NY, but taking inspiration from all over the world, GK Furs at its core is a family business which emphasizes a commitment to superior craftsmanship and bespoke design to the world of luxury fashion.

A collaborative endeavor of passionate artisans and masterful craftsmen, every item is made from our finest fur pelts and hides, hand-picked by our in-house design team. The finest foxes in Scandinavia, the top lot of minks in the USA, exotic hides from South America and South Africa, and more. GK Furs only sources from reputable, expert vendors to ensure authenticity and superior quality. Requiring dedication, an acute eye for perfection and several years of experience with handcrafting techniques, this process is neither hasty or facile. Unlike following a pattern with fabric, a furrier must work with what nature has created. Once completed, each piece delivers a luxurious uniqueness only nature can provide.