Sustainability in Fur Sourcing & Production

“By choosing GK Furs, you not only support a local community, but also contribute to the preservation of traditional craftsmanship, animal welfare, environmental sustainability, and small family-owned businesses.”


At GK Furs, we take every step to ensure our furs are ethically and sustainably sourced, with transparency to the consumer at every step. Consumers play a crucial role in driving change within the fur and fashion industries. By supporting reputable furriers that adhere to ethical fur practices, consumers can encourage responsible fur farming and environmentally friendly production methods.

Transparency in Fur Sourcing

Wild fur trapping is deeply rooted in American history and culture, and this tradition supports the economies of local communities to this day. With the establishment of wildlife conservation efforts and regulations, fur collectors  and trappers must adhere to strict animal welfare guidelines. At GK Furs, we have long-standing relationships with every fur farm and their associated collectors and trappers. We regularly visit these farms and can trace each pelt back to its original location and trapper. Our trappers give us full visibility into their fur trapping methods and have a vested interest in sustainably producing the best quality fur pelts.

We purchase all our farm-raised furs from the Saga Furs auction house. Each pelt purchased is certified with precise documentation on fur origin, tracing the pelt back to the farm supplier. The certification system is ensured by third-party auditors.

Saga pelts come mainly from European fur farms, which are inspected by and certified to be compliant with the Council of Europe’s Recommendation Concerning Fur Animals. Pelts sourced from Finland comply with national legal requirements for fur farming as well as the Saga Farm Certification by Finnish Standards. These programs set standards for fur farming and help ensure compliance with ethical and environmental guidelines.

Benefits of Choosing a Sustainably Run Fur Shop

As consumers seek sustainable and ethical alternatives to mass production, local fur production is making a comeback. By choosing GK Furs, you not only support a local community — you also contribute to the preservation of traditional craftsmanship, animal welfare, environmental sustainability, and small family-owned businesses. A combination of transparency, accountability, and quality makes GK Furs a compelling choice for those seeking fur products that align with their values and principles.

  • Reduced carbon footprint:We manufacture all our furs in our New York location, helping to reduce the carbon footprint of importing from overseas factories and managing our inventory to meet the demands of our consumers rather than overproducing. Smaller-scale operations often have a lower environmental footprint.
  • Supporting local communities:Our domestic factory supports local economies and communities. It provides jobs and income opportunities for artisans, farmers, and other individuals involved in the process. By choosing GK Furs, you help sustain and bolster our community's economic health.
  • Quality Control:At GK Furs, we take pride in the quality of our products. We prioritize the creation of high-quality fur items that last, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Is Fur Biodegradable?

Fur is a natural and renewable resource that can be sustainably sourced and harvested. Unlike synthetic fur materials, which can persist in landfills for centuries and contribute to microplastics pollution, natural fur begins to biodegrade within days and breaks down at the rate of an oak leaf — minimizing waste and pollution. The manufacturing of biodegradable fur materials can require less energy compared with synthetic textiles, which are often energy-intensive to produce. This results in lower greenhouse gas emissions and a reduced carbon footprint.

Sustainability Through Fur Remodeling

For those who own fur garments and accessories, remodeling presents an eco-friendly and ethical option that aligns with the principles of reducing waste and maximizing resources. Fur remodeling, also known as fur restyling, involves transforming existing fur garments or accessories into updated, stylish pieces. This practice offers numerous sustainable advantages. Remodeling fur items prolongs their lifespan. Instead of discarding old fur pieces, you can repurpose your existing fur into trendy, up-to-date designs, thus minimizing waste, conserving valuable resources, and reducing your carbon footprint. Your remodeled fur pieces can be a reflection of your evolving style and a statement of your commitment to sustainability.

Schedule a consultation with one of our fur specialists to explore restyling your fur garments, or shop our sustainable fur collections.

If you would like to obtain sourcing documentation for any of our fur products, please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with this information.