women holiday shopping taking selfie

For those seeking luxurious, timeless, and elegant holiday gifts, finely crafted furs are an exqu...

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GK Furs Holiday Gift Guide: The Choice Is Yours

fur traders with dog sled team

The fur trade not only shaped economies around the world but also bridged the gaps between distan...

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Tracing Roots: The Fascinating Origins of the Fur Trade

celebrity on red carpet wearing fur

From its heyday in early Hollywood to the present day, fur fashion has evolved with the times.

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The Timeless Significance of Fur on the Red Carpet

woman's headshot with fox fur hood

Originally a functional necessity, fur has become a symbol of opulence with a focus on ethics and...

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The Ever-Evolving Elegance of Fur

woman wearing lynx fur vest

In this guide, we'll walk you through the art of selecting the ideal fur piece to complement a ra...

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Choosing the Perfect Fur for Every Occasion: Your Ultimate Styling Guide

Black and White Fox Jacket

A key fur trend this season is the focus on sustainability and eco-conscious fashion.

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Fall and Winter Fur Trends 2023

woman hiding behind animal print fur

Incorporating animal prints into your wardrobe can instantly elevate your look, infusing it with ...

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Animal Prints: Unleash Your Wild Side

man wearing sable fur scarf

Take your ensemble from "eh" to enchanting with a fur scarf — the ultimate fashion accessory.

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Reinvent Your Wardrobe with a Luxurious Fur Scarf

sable fur tote bag

If you're looking for a fur statement piece, a fur bag is a great way to up your fashion game, el...

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The Allure of Fur Bags for Timeless Style

woman trying on lynx fur

Quality, craftsmanship and fur type are key considerations in selecting a fur product.

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Your First Fur Purchase: A Guide to Timeless Elegance and Lasting Value

fur traders

The fur trade emerged as a driving force in the westward expansion that defined Young America. 

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How the Fur Trade Was Woven Into America's Tapestry

cashmere fox trim fur coats hanging on rack

Whether you want to create unique pieces oradjust existing clothes to fit better, customization i...

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Customizing Your Fur: A Guide to Making Your Fur Fit Your Style & Personality