Fox fur comes from various species of foxes, including red foxes, silver foxes, and arctic foxes. Each fox possesses distinct characteristics, resulting in a range of fur colors and textures. The vibrant hues of red fox fur, the sleek tones of silver fox fur, and the pristine white of arctic fox fur offer a diverse palette for fashion designers and enthusiasts alike.


The dense, lush fur of beavers is renowned for its ability to retain heat and provide insulation for cold climates. The natural waterproofing quality of beaver fur is ideal for crafting fur coats, hats and accessories. Characterized by its dense under guard hair and lustrous top hair, beaver fur can be sheared to make the final product smooth and silky, best for a plush fur pillow and blanket.

Russian Sable

Sable fur has long been celebrated for its opulence and prominent position in the luxury world. Warm, lightweight and silky to the touch, sable fur with its unrivaled softness and suppleness is a truly indulgent fur to wear. Russian barguzin sable, with its characteristic silvery tips, is the most sought after sable fur worn for its prized status in nobility and the fashion world.


Mink is synonymous with elegance and luxury. The dense and velvety texture of mink fur lends itself perfectly to luxurious fashion items like fur coats, jackets, and accessories. Designers appreciate its versatility, utilizing it in trims, collars, and fur garments. Mink fur adds a touch of sophistication and luxury to both classic and contemporary design, making it notably the most popular fur.


Lynx fur is distinguished for its wild beauty, characterized by its distinctive patterns and natural color variations. The unique markings, such as its bold spots contrasted by its white fur and its stripe effect give lynx fur a striking visual appeal that sets it apart from other furs. Each lynx fur piece is truly unique, adding an element of exclusivity to your wardrobe. Read more...


Coyote fur, with its thick, plush texture, embodies a perfect balance of practicality and luxury. The fur's natural color variations, ranging from earthy tones to silvery hues, add a touch of sophistication to every fur piece. Its surprising velvety softness and its inherent ability to retain heat ensures warmth and comfort, making it an ideal fur for the winter season. Read more...


Raccoon fur's beauty lies in its distinct colorations. The fur's lustrous guard hairs combined with its dense underfur create a fur that is lightweight and warm, the ideal combination for garments, from cozy coats and vests to stylish accessories. Raccoon fur's natural resilience will withstand the rigors of daily wear, ensuring your raccoon fur pieces will remain beautiful for years to come.


Chinchilla fur is unmatched in its exquisiteness and elegance. A velvety softness that is pure indulgence to the touch. Each strand is unbelievably fine and dense, creating a sumptuous texture that rivals the most delicate of fabrics. The inherent beauty of chinchilla fur has remained a symbol of opulence and refinement throughout the ages.

Shearling Lamb

Shearling is the winter essential that brings warmth, comfort, and undeniable style. From Mongolian lamb accessories to Mohawi shearling pillows, shearling proves that you can have the best of both worlds. With its plush texture, natural breathability, and timeless appeal shearling is essential for your wardrobe and home for the winter months.