raccoon fur scarf

Raccoon Fur Scarf

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Mens Raccoon Fur Scarf

Lining:  100% Cashmere

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Fure Care Info

Give your fur a good home.  Make sure your fur is stored in a cool dry place where there is no direct sunlight or heat source.  Never store your fur in plastic or crushed next to other garments- your fur likes its own cool space.

In the off-season send your fur in for cleaning and storage.


Fur Type: Chinchilla
Fur Origin: Canada
Made in USA
Origin Assured

By nature, each fur is unique in its color and characteristics.  As a
result, no fur pieces will be exactly the same.  If you have any 
questions about the color or fur type in each photo, please contact us 
at:  info@gkfurs.com